With Love, From Me to You!

With Love, From Me to You!
A Zine About Mail Art

Melanie Coles
Reviewed by jxnnychxncx

Melanie Coles

One of the creators of The Brains Never Stop, Miss Coles continues her streak of beautiful zines with this “year by year documentation of letters, pastes, postcards, stamps, friends, zines, mailboxes, and the post service*. *the band”. While the zine is beautiful in and of itself, it’s not just the aesthetics that please. Melanie’s writing is clever and funny, although not overtly so. You could race through this in just a couple minutes but it would seem to be a disjointed art zine. However, it’s so much more. When time is put into reading and “figuring it out” it’s brilliant.

While most of the zine is comprised of envelopes and their stories, we also get pieces on balloon mail, ways to send free mail (none of which the zine encourages), and Postcardx.net. Melanie put a lot of work in this zine and it was well worth it. – the result is a full-colour 32-page zine radiating wonder.


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